A Catholic Anglican Altar Book

Now available for purchase and download

An Anglican Altar Book

For our first release, we are making available an edited Eucharistic liturgy and Altar Book, titled The Eucharist: An Anglican Altar Book. It is available for purchase (low cost) or download (free).

The Eucharist is an altar book that follows the Anglican Holy Communion Liturgy, using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer form with optional, devotional additions from the Sarum Rite.

The former is the use of the church since the 16th century; the latter the centuries which preceded it.

The source material comes from 1928 or 1662 Prayer Book sources, and English translations of the Sarum Rite. Some of the renditions from Sarum are not available online elsewhere, and come from Bishop Frank Weston’s (Zanzibar) work on the rites of the Church in England, from Sarum to 1662.

It is designed for use with the 1662 BCP: International Edition, the 1928 BCP, and the 2019 ACNA Traditional Language Edition prayer books. To ease transition for those coming from post-1970s liturgies, an alternate Contemporary Language 1662 edition is also available. For those in jurisdictions where 1662:IE is prohibited, the complete 1928 canon is included in the 1662 edition.

A complete set of collects as well as lectionary is included. This Lectionary includes a listing of the First Lessons from Morning and Evening Prayer, as well as abbreviated OT Lesson options, if a third lesson/Psalm is to be added to Holy Communion where Morning or Evening Prayer is not celebrated.


A few notes

These are, hopefully, the final versions; countless hours have been spent preparing these. It has been a labor of love and learning; no agenda is offered here but to share the fruits of that labor for those who are interested.

If you are happy with your liturgy, please do not change it; the non-prayer book additions offered are to be considered devotional unless possible to use in one’s respective jurisdiction. All the material is derived from authoritative liturgies; this serves as a non-Roman missal/Western Rite alternative set of devotions. For those not so inclined to the ‘Catholic’ devotions, the Prayer Book prayers are set and arranged for easier use at the altar, and devotional portions easy to pass over. First and foremost, this is to make my own use of 1662:IE or ACNA:TLE more prayerful. If you happen to see a typographical errors, please do reach out.

Print-on-Demand hard copies

Low-cost spiral-bound 7” x 10” hard copies are available for purchase and will reflect the intended size, 80lb white paper and higher DPI. While I would love to have a professionally sewn edition of this, like Percy Dearmer’s The English Liturgy, from which most of the illustrations came, the cost to do this was prohibitive for what is commonly called a ‘vanity’ project. I put many hours into finding a supplier for a ‘proper’ hard cover, including purchasing proofs, but no affordable options had binding that would stay open on a missal stand. The compromise is this low-cost softcover spiral bound in a size similar to Oxford’s ~1930 edition of the 1662 Altar Book. What it lacks in ‘religious aesthetic’ it gains in affordability and usability.

As PDFs, the 7 x 10 layout formed a good compromise for home printing: it is usable in 5.5 x 8.5 half-sheet for normal print, and 8.5 x 11 / A4 for large print.

To read more or download PDFs

Thank you for your interest; if you are interested in contributing essays, theology, art, or liturgical resources through The Journal of Tractarian Faith, please do reach out.

Rev. J M Kelman, Editor.